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“Cork-A-Tex” means a disruptive innovation versus the state of the art of cork textile materials, and no similar product currently exists on the world market. But that’s not all, also the process of production is NEW. A set of radically innovative equipment and infrastructures work interconnected with each other and between the various stages of the production process.

CORK-A-TEX means Innovation in materials and products

Our textiles substracts with cork additives is a radical innovation versus the state of the art of cork textile materials, and there is currently no product similar on the world market. Composed by Cotton or other sustainable textile material together with Cork waste, is an innovative and high performance yarn that simultaneously incorporate the properties of textile substrates at the level of comfort, breathability, touch and appearance and the functional benefits of cork: natural, comfortable and warm feeling, hypoallergenic with high friction resistance and good resilience.

This is also an internationally patented product – international patend application.

CORK-A-TEX means Innovation in Industrial process, with disruptive technology

A radical new production line was developed this innovative product.
It is an innovative and pioneering technological line both in Portugal and worldwide, fully customized, where cork coating is executed in a completely automated equipment developed for this purpose which allows to substantially improve the characteristics of the coated yarn, namely in terms of adhesion of cork additives, uniformity of the coating and production capacity.

International recognition and achievements

• Product Innovation Award: Inova Têxtil 2015. Textile industry cluster, Portugal
• Sustainability Award – Itechstyle Summit 2019. Textile industry cluster, Portugal
• Product Innovation Award – Portugal Home Week. Home products cluster/ Apima & Aicep, Portugal
• Techtextil Innovation Award – 2019, category New material. Germany.
• German Design Awards – 2022, categories of Excellent Product Design and Eco Design category, as the material chosen for the “Dali Azores” shoes by “Marita Moreno” brand. Germany.

Appreciation of the jury: Of note is this last “Techtextil Innovation Award – 2019, catefory New material”, which has added in an explosive way and interest and value of this project, considered the most biggest worldwide prize in Textile Innovation. Thiswas the first time, that a Portuguese project wins this worldwide prestigious prize ever.

Cork is a bio-based renewable material, used to close wine bottles, as we all know. In a search to be even more sustainable the cork industry was looking for a solution for its waste, which today is burned. The researchers found out that this cork waste can be coated on a textile yarn to form a cork yarn. The jury appreciated the effort of Sedacor to make the cork industry a more sustainable industry. Burning waste is not a sustainable solution even if this waste is bio based. Sedacor looked beyond its sector and beyond its competences to find the solution in textiles. Using this waste, a new type of cork yarn was developed with a natural cork look-and-feel and which will allow the development of new textiles“

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