Innovative and disruptive yarn with high incorporation of cork!


Breaking the boundaries in textile with a living material called Cork

Cork is nature’s own hight-tech achievement. Down to the cell structure, its unique composition and characteristics cannot be replicated by anything man-made.

A wide range of Yarns, in both dimensions and colors, composed by Cotton or other sustainable textile material together with Cork waste.

High performance materials that simultaneously incorporate the properties of textile substrates at the level of comfort, breathability, touch and appearance and the functional benefits of cork: natural, comfortable and warm feeling, hypoallergenic with high friction resistance and good resilience.



+ Comfortable and warm feeling

+ Hypoallergic

+ High friction resistance

+ Good resilience



We break the boundaries in cork textiles, with applications in several international industries in different sectors, such as home textiles and decoration, upholstery, apparel, footwear, sports or mobility.


Technical Information:

+ Abrasion resistance

+ Resistance to pilling

+ Dimensional stability to domestic washing and drying

+ Antibacterial

+ Tear resistance


More information available soon.