Innovative textile substrates with high incorporation or cork

The growing demand for new textile solutions, particularly in the area of ​​eco-design and sustainability to create value and growing interest aroused by Cork as a unique material and exceptional characteristics, as well as the difficulties of using cork-based materials in the textile market led to the emergence of the CORK-A-TEX Project – with the aim of developing textile substrates with the incorporation of cork waste, namely from cork stoppers, old cork products, etc.
The goal: development and production of an innovative and high performance textile substrates that simultaneously incorporates the properties of textile substrates in terms of comfort, touch and appearance and the functional benefits of cork. Natural feeling, comfortable, hypoallergenic, with high resistance to friction and good resilience.

CORK-A-TEX began with The initial CORK-A-TEX project co-promoted and funded by the EU and the Portuguese Government, followed by the CORK-A-TEX YARN Demonstrator project, in a partnership between the non-corporate entities of the CITEVE and FEUP (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto) I&I system and the companies SEDACOR and TÉXTEIS PENEDO, aimed at the development of textile substrates with cork incorporation. The aim was to develop innovative and high-performance products that incorporate both the properties of textile substrates and the added value of cork.
The success of those projects led to the creation of this new company, focused on valuing the application of the results achieved in those R&D project.

A unique partnership has been set up than with 2 industrial companies with different business, but with the same passion, for nature and innovation.

In projects led by Sedacor (Cork Industry), together with Têxteis Penedo (textile industry) with years of Knowledge in our fields and inside of the two of the most important Portuguese traditional sectors and clusters, we regenerate and remain at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

We were able to develop innovative and high-performance products that simultaneously incorporate the properties of textile substrates at the level of comfort, touch and appearance and functional cork surplus value.

Also with an international patent, this disruptive product is being targeted and requested by several sectors and reference companies from all over the world, for applications in the form of fabrics or knitwear for sectors such as home textiles, clothing, footwear and fashion accessories, upholstery, mobility and others.

With the scientific support of Citeve (Technological Center for Textiles and Clothing) and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, and at the same time the Portuguese Government and the European Union, new milestones are created, for the projects.



To provide new generation textile structures containing cork, breaking boundaries and enabling cork to be used in a wide range of applications for the textiles and apparel industries, as never before.

To offer innovative, premium and high-performance yarns and other textile products that incorporate both the properties of textile substrates and the unique features of cork.

To add value to textile and cork Industry waste in a circular economy, satisfying stakeholders and human needs, contributing for the sustainability of the cork oak forest and the planet.


To be a future reference in the spread of cork in the textile world, promoting a symbiosis of culture, nature and future!
To be recognized as a worldwide contributor for the use of HERITAGE LUX, SMART and GUILTY FREE PRODUCTS”.