3 Reasons

Why does the world need a new textile material?

Cork is one of Nature’s most extraordinary material.

Why does the world need a new textile material?

100% natural, recyclable, cork is an inherently sustainable resource, both biodegradable and renewable. The cork oak forests are one of the 35 most important ecosystems in the world for preserving biodiversity. They are also a natural CO2 retainer, the major cause of global warming. It is estimated that every year cork oak forests retain up to 14 million tonnes of CO2, a huge contribution for reducing gas emissions.

We can imagine textiles that are both softer and longer-lasting, offering better protection from a variety of elements.

Our approach is based on the knowledge that textiles, throughout its life cycle, has a huge relevance on environmental impacts. We are committed to ensuring that our products extends their function as far as possible.

We are Spinning the future of high performance sustainable fabric.

We are part of an evolutionary path where new processes and technologies are constantly being developed. Every day we are inspired by the amazing materials we work with and driven by the desire to turn these materials into amazing products.

The combination of cork awaken our creativity, resulting in a sustainable field of visuals and performance. Our innovative production methods have made it possible to join fabrics with sustainable cork to create a range of exquisite textiles.